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Increase sales with our white label analytics portal

Your customers will buy more of your added value subscription services, if you enrich their business intelligence and boost their efficiency, by deploying the power of Sentel’s proven and robust analytics and reporting.

In any language and on any continent, our API allows you to self configure the reports to suit your customers’ needs and it will run seamlessly for you and your valued customers.

Telecoms service providers choose Sentel because our Smart UC Analytics is platform agnostic and completely integrates with all business applications so you never miss an opportunity for growth. It is dynamic and flexible and can help you win multiple customer acquisitions and reduce churn.

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White Label Smart UC

Your customers want to run their businesses more efficiently and avoid costly abuses. You can catalyse this by giving them the knowledge of how individual employees manage their time on calls and how they perform compared to KPIs and other benchmarks.


Sentel offers Smart UC as a “white label” package that will provide your customers with a user-friendly interface including real-time wallboards.

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This data includes average ring time, average talk time, calls answered/abandoned, inbound/outbound, average cost and percentage of spend, presented as accessible dashboards.


This will enable your customers to know how many employees are needed, if more end points are required, busy times and employee productivity.

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Our platform integrates, AI, machine learning, cyber security and toll fraud protection for your customers.



What does that mean for your customers’ businesses?

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Smart UC analytics allows businesses to identify issues in employees’ workloads or skill sets and to make adjustments accordingly. For example, if there are too many calls incoming for the number of employees to manage, managers are alerted, so more resources or another solution can be brought in to resolve the issues.

Smart UC allows managers to see if employees appear to be struggling with the number of calls being made to the business and actions such as quick module reviews or, reassigning them to queues better matched to their skill sets, can be implemented.

Enabling businesses to recognise and resolve issues quickly can ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.



Sentel has the answers

We Provide:

Self-configurable features and reporting options

Customisable reports that can be created to spec

Total control for the customer through the admin function


We provide knowledge of the supplier market, time saving analytical tools and a highly efficient cost management process, making for a compelling argument for white labelling.


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