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Complete control over one of your company's largest spends

TEM360 is a fully managed service, so it doesn’t come with the normal headaches associated with ordinary software that has to be installed, integrated with your business operations, and then looked after. It’s simply an easy to use, indispensable service that will bring you performance and operational improvements and reduced costs.

TEM360 is a fully managed, modular system that gives you a real time view of every area of your telecoms, allowing you complete control over one of your company’s largest spends.

The simplicity of the system means that you only have to purchase the modules your business requires, allowing it to be tailored to suit your needs and your budget exactly

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Available Modules


Bill Validation & Audit

A key tool for clients whereby all telecoms bills are checked against the contract rates on a monthly basis to recover any over–charging or correct inaccurate billing.

Sentel TEM 360 Bill Validation and Audit

Telecoms Asset Tracker

Centralised repository of all telephony assets such as location, ownership, switches, make and model, handsets, mobiles and tablets including date–of–purchase and replacement dates.

Sentel TEM 360 Telecoms asset tracker

Billing and Re-Charge

For the financial controller this module improves efficiency and reduces manual intervention. It takes all billing and CDR data across all telephony platforms, such as, Fixed Line, CDR, Mobile, Video and Conference Call and cross charges automatically to departments or cost centres.

TEM 360 Telecoms expense management Billing & Recharge

Automated Directory Integration

KPI/Trend/Tariff Comparison/Fraud Detection/AI – These additional high value–add modules are available to improve performance and accuracy, trend usage and forecasting, compare the market and to protect from hacking and cyber crime.

TEM 360 Call analytics service

Fixed Line

Measures and manages inbound and outbound call traffic, operator, service and sales teams, ring response, abandoned calls in Dashboard and report or scheduled emails. Self–configures performance improvement, cost containment and compliance reporting.

TEM 360 Call reporting, Call analytics and call logging services


Measures and manages mobile reporting on outbound activities, cost centre and personal usage tracking. Improves performance, auditing, budgeting and recharge of costs, so adds value to this intelligent centralised system.

TEM 360 mobile call reporting, analytics and logging service


Working with our System Integrator and Service Provider partners, we work on your behalf to assist your clients with meeting their telecoms business objectives and budgets. Our business intelligent managed service solution will help clients to improve efficiencies and employee performance and deliver a positive return on investment of 5–10% (Gartner). Sentel’s dedicated and experienced first line support desk is available on demand Monday to Friday for your clients.

Partner clients choose to work with Sentel as they are getting the most advanced managed service platform on the market. The Sentel platform helps clients achieve their objectives as we take the management of none–core activities away from them.


Over the years Sentel has supported partners such as: 

Colt Technology Services, BT, Atlas, Atos, TalkTalk, Gamma, JT, Eir

by providing TEMS analytical services to end user clients such as:

AIB/First Trust, BBC, Scottish Water, NI Healthcare Trusts, Dept. of Transport and UCD



I Want More Control


If you decide that TEM360 could make a serious difference to your business, we place the full details of your fixed line, mobile and data assets and records onto our secure web based management portal.


Centralised Repository

Your billing details are then uploaded to the system daily. This robust, central dashboard gives you the ability to monitor your communication expenses from one place, 24/7 and lets you know the moment something out of the ordinary occurs, so you can take action immediately. This could include errors or discrepancies in your billing, or lines not in use or unusual call traffic.

Customer Control Of Assets

Moves the centre of inventory control to the customer and away from the vendor. Many organisations rely on the record keeping abilities of the carriers to manage their asset base. It is essential that all companies have an independent and verifiable view of inventory and assets.



TEM Secure System

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